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Changing career to be a teacher

With the current economic crises many people have found themselves out of work and wondering which way to turn. For some this might be a chance to change career paths altogether.

Whilst it can be a daunting prospect at an age to leave a career you know well to take on something new, it can also be an exciting one too.

Become a teacher may not be as bigger a step as you might think, as you could combine your work experience with teaching in that particular field. For example if you are a trained accountant you could look at teaching an accountancy course in a college.

English: A class in a newly rebuilt secondary ...

To be a teacher you should have good interpersonal skills and be comfortable presenting in front of a group of people. You should be a well organised person who is able to manage your time effectively.

Whilst it is true that teachers get long holidays, it is also true that many spend hours outside of working hours marking course work and preparing lesson plans. Typically a Teachers working week is 37.5 hours full time.

For those of you with a degree you can undertake a PGCE course to get you started in a teaching career. For more information on getting in to teaching click here.


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